….are the absolute bane of my existence. Anyone that knows me knows that I’m miserable when I’m forced to work on something for longer than a few days. This leads to procrastination, which leads to stress, which leads to an emotional beakdown… which means fun times all around! This brings me to the subject of my Senior Thesis. 

The project I am working on is an illustrated cocktail recipe book:

  1. It all starts with sketches. I decided to have 5 sections of the book, and each section would have 6 drinks. I filled up half a sketchbook with a lot of different ideas for each of the drinks I had picked out for each section.
  2. I then put all the sketches I liked most onto a layout I had set up for each individual drink. Tried to figure out my colors and buckled in for the ride.
  3. I keep a folder of drinks that I have unfinished.
  4. And then keep a folder for all the drinks I have done.

Each drink is about 113 layers of organized chaos. (My most intricate piece is 227 layers before I merged some of them).

I work really fast, and I’ve also been kind of settling in into my style over the past… four years. But it’s kind of just clicking now. Because of that, this project becomes that much more frustrating, because anything I got done earlier on doesn’t feel as good as what I’m doing now.

The amount of times that I’ve gone in and reworked the pieces I had finished so far is probably better to not repeat out loud..

However, I’m nearing the end now, with the review being next week. And in my usual fashion it’s going to be a race to the finish. Fortunately, when it comes to getting things done on time, I have all the confidence in the world.