My Good Lady Florence.

Figured I’d do a little breakdown on this piece.  I love drawing Women. I love really graphic art. And I love pops of color. All of those things led to this illustration. One night I was listening to some Florence and the Machine, and I thought “Hot Damn, I want to draw that chick.”

So let’s go over this step by step:

  1. I sketched this piece out digitally because I wanted to just lay down the colors and see how it was going to look. After MUCH consulting with Claire and Faye, I decided to go and…
  2. COMBINE the two (and changed her outfit)!
  3. Then, I (yet again) changed her pose and outfit.
  4. After about 2 hours I had the colors set up, and liked how it looked, so…
  5. …I add the textures!

And that’s how I get art! Wee!